Meet The Cast of “Figure It Out”

Natalie Galdamez plays Cammie “Tick Tock” Flores

Born in Boston, Natalie Galdamez spent her formative years in El Salvador before moving back to Boston permanently for grade school. She grew up with Spanish as her first language but quickly picked up English upon returning to the US. Having no knowledge of the entertainment industry, she fell in love with film and the art of storytelling. Her love for movies moved her to be the only student in her high school to apply to an out-of-state university, clear across the country. 

After graduating from the USC School of Dramatic Arts, with a minor in Screenwriting, Natalie Galdamez began to pursue storytelling. During college, she was offered the opportunity to study acting at Queen Mary University in London. After graduating, she began working as an executive assistant and quickly rose to producer after just a couple of months. While there, she produced high-end branded ads for Oliver Peoples, Lokai, Zitsticka, among others, as well as unscripted content for Quibi (RIP)/Forbes

During her time at Culprit, Natalie continued to pursue her first love, acting. Just prior to the pandemic, she wrapped on her first role in a feature film, “Carlos Through the Tall Grass(currently at the tail-end of post-production), which made the Black List’s prestigious Top List. After filming “Carlos, Natalie produced an independent pilot, “Swearing,” which recently became an “official selection” at the Rhode Island International Film Festival. Since then, she has been cast in several commercials, including one for Jared Jewelers, a PSA for voting in 2020, as well as some independent, streaming pilots. 

She was also a runner-up for NBC’s Monologue Slam: Ya Tu Sabes. Following the pandemic, she landed the role of Cammie “Tick Tock” Flores in Figure it Out, a comedy pilot. Currently, Natalie is working on her second full-length screenplay, while finishing up ADR sessions for “Carlos”, and working full-time as a content producer at an advertising company.

Joe Dioletto plays Ian “Whack Job” Wilson

Born in Stockton, CA., Joe grew up as an athlete, an extraordinary student, and an impressive instrumentalist, all with an adventurous personality and charm. Moved to LA in 2007 and has been acting, skateboarding, and composing music.  You may hear his music sooner than you think.

Alexandra Bokova plays Riley “Wishy” Washnova

Alexandra Bokova is a Russian-born American actress from Stavropol, once an exile for Russia’s progressives such as Pushkin and Tolstoy. The city is also known for the Stavropol Academic Theater of Drama- the first theater in the North Caucuses.
Alexandra’s grandmother, Alla Bokova, was a stage actress and Distinguished Artist of the Russian Federation, who shaped Alexandra’s love and understanding of performance art.
Alexandra’s first feature film was her title role in the indie thriller Mermaid Down. Her lead work in sci-fi Alien Planet and comedy Figure It Out are currently in post-production and scheduled for release in 2022.


Daniel Mills plays Joseph “Jodi” Broadus 

Born in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania to Veteran Parents, Daniel Himself joined the Marine Corps as an infantryman in 2007. Afterward, Daniel went on to learn multiple professions and hold many positions including being a board of health consultant, on the local chamber of commerce, owning a business, and helping start a few others. 

Daniel plays the character known as Joseph “Jodi” Broadus, an overtly womanizing roommate that is more than he appears (Example: Possible street pharmacist) on the show “Figure it Out”. When asked how he related to the character he replied with:

Daniel can relate to his character as there is so much more to him and his story than meets the eye. Though seriously exaggerated there is a lot of me in him, that ocean of a person I’d like to think is below the surface of coping and protective mechanisms. It’s easy to dismiss people if you don’t think about WHY someone does what they do.”

Daniel currently is an actor, model, and co-founder of Condition One Media.

Cate Farrow plays First Sergeant Tamayo

Since receiving her classical theatre training in Melbourne, Australia, actress Cate Farrow has performed in various award-winning TV and film productions. 

Most recently, Cate starred in Station to Station, which was officially recognized by the prestigious Berlin Filmhaus and the Las Vegas International Film and Screenwriting Festival. Cate’s performance in Station to Station led them to a nomination for Best Ensemble.

Cate won two awards for her performance in Station to Station, Best-Supporting Actress in the IndieFest film awards, and Best Ensemble in the Indie Eye film awards.

Cate is also known for her performances in Olivia Newton-John: Hopelessly Devoted to You, Strawberry Cliff, and Mother’s Creme Diaries, where she showcases her broad range of style, delving into comedy, drama, and even stunt performance.

Additional previous work covers theatre and stage shows in Disneyland in Hong Kong as a Professional Dance Artist, Theatre Actor, Dance Captain, Stage Assistant, and Choreographer.

Cate is also trained in martial arts such as taekwondo, Muay Thai, Boxing, Krav Maga, and Kali or Eskrima. These techniques honed Cate into the actress she is today, thus allowing her to become more flexible and understanding of her craft.