About Condition One Media

Meet The Producers of ‘Figure It Out’

Tim Kirkpatrick – Writer, Producer & Director

Tim Kirkpatrick Headshot, Figure It Out Writer, Producer, & Director

Tim, who was born and raised in Wichita, Kansas, joined the Navy in 2007 and was stationed with 3rd Battalion 5th Marines as a Hospital Corpsman. In 2010, he was deployed to Sangin, Afghanistan with the Embedded Training Train (ETT) to teach Combat Trauma Management to the Afghani National Army on the frontlines.

After returning home in the spring of 2011, Tim enrolled at the New York Film Academy where he earned both his BFA and MFA in Film.

In 2017, Tim was hired as an Editorial Coordinator at We Are The Mighty, a military-based production company and content publisher founded by David Gale (MTV) and J. David Harden (CBS). His original content quickly gained popularity, generating hundreds of thousands of page views in just a few months and millions since then.

Throughout his career, Tim has directed, produced, and written over 60 music videos, commercials, promos, feature films, and TV scripts.

Tim Kirkpatrick, Hospital Corpsman 3rd Class Petty Officer, 3rd Battalion 5th Marines

Bryant Tamayo – Producer

Bryant Tamayo and his daughter, Condition One Media

Bryant, who grew up in Los Angeles, California, joined the Marines at the age of 17 in 2005 and served as an Infantry Rifleman with 3rd Battalion 7th Marines. He completed two tours in Iraq and was honorably discharged as a Corporal.

Upon returning home, Bryant pursued higher education and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Administration from California State University Northridge.

Currently, Bryant is a successful entrepreneur with multiple small businesses, as well as a Producer and Co-Founder at Condition One Media.

Cpl. Bryant Tamayo, USMC, Condition one media, Figure it out

Daniel Mills – Producer

Daniel Mills, Producer, Condition One Media, Figure It Out

Born to veteran parents in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Daniel followed in their footsteps and joined the Marine Corps as an infantryman in 2007.

After completing his service, Daniel pursued various professions and held multiple positions. He worked as a board of health consultant, served on the local chamber of commerce, and owned his own business while also helping to start a few others.

Currently, Daniel is involved in the entertainment industry as an actor and model and is also a co-founder of Condition One Media.

Daniel Mills, Lcpl Mills, USMC, Condition one media, Figure it out

The Story Behind Condition One Media

Years ago, Condition One Media began its journey unknowingly. In 2016, Tim Kirkpatrick, Bryant Tamayo, and Daniel Mills worked at a veterans’ readjustment center in Chatsworth, CA, helping veterans cope with the challenges of transitioning back into civilian life.

During this time, the idea for Condition One Media was born. Daniel expressed his desire to become an actor, having known that Tim was studying film in grad school. Bryant offered to produce it without knowing what he was getting himself into. The concept for the show “Figure It Out” emerged as they brainstormed the characters and their unique personalities, focusing on four roommates going through different life transitions. However, it would take a few more years before the show was scripted.

When the Covid lockdown hit, Tim was eager to create something during the quarantine. He began writing the pilot using his Final Draft screenwriting software, and after 18 months of writing, rewriting, hosting auditions, scouting locations, and handpicking the crew, the three friends filmed the pilot in just 4 1/2 days without storyboarding a single shot. It’s a true story of how Condition One Media came to be.